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    Custom Copper Stamping Precision Copper Stampings Parts can be custom-made for various industries. Stamping is in the process of copper metal processing, relying on the press and mold to apply external force to the copper metal. It produces plastic deformation or separation to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece (stamping parts) forming processing method. Some automotive parts, boilers, motors, electrical chips, etc., are stamped. Many copper metal processing stamping parts in products such as office machinery and living utensils. So what elements does this stamping process commonly used in copper metal processing contain? 1. Production process In the copper metal processing process, the stamping process can be divided into hot stamping and cold stamping according to the stamping processing temperature. The former is suitable for sheet metal processing with high deformation resistance and poor plasticity. The latter, at room temperature, is a standard stamping method used in copper metal processing. 2. Sheets The surface and intrinsic properties of stamping sheets greatly influence the quality of the stamped finished product. In the copper metal processing process, the stamping material must be precise in thickness, have no abrasions, no surface cracks, etc. To prevent uneven deformation, the uniform elongation of the sheet during the stamping process is high. To improve curved parts’ accuracy, the stamped sheet’s buckling force is relatively low. To prevent the deformation of the elements in the future, the hardening of the stamped sheet metal is insufficient. 3. Mold The precision and structure of the mold directly affect the forming and accuracy of the stamped parts. Mold manufacturing cost and life are important factors affecting the cost and quality of stamping parts. In the process of reliable copper metal processing stamping, the equipment required for mold manufacturing is divided according to the transmission structure, including a manual stamping machine, high-speed mechanical punching machine, hydraulic punching machine, CNC punching machine, etc. Due to the high production efficiency of copper metal processing in the stamping process, the cost of stamped parts is low. It is easy to operate, and it is easy to achieve mechanization and automation. At the same time, in the copper metal processing process, the quality of copper metal stamping is stable, the interchangeability is good, and the strength and stiffness of the stamping are high, so the parts of copper metal processing have the characteristics of “exactame,鈥?so this processing process has been generally valued in the copper metal processing process. We have packing ways for shipping, steel pallets with casters, wooden cases, wooden pallets, etc. All wood we use for packing is fumigated and suitable for shipping. Custom Copper Stamping website:




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